About Troop 33

Troop 33 prides itself on "Keeping the Outing in Scouting."  
With that philosophy in mind, we have a very active outdoor program.  We camp every month at least once. We schedule and plan high-adventure outings every year.   In 2012 we will be sending a crew to Philmont Scout Ranch and kayaking in Canada!

Join us for the time of your life!


A Story of Scouting
I am Zachary Ahner and am a scout trying to achieve star rank in Troop 33 of Pen Argyl Pennsylvania. Troop 33 is like no other and I am honored that I have had the chance to participate in such an outstanding scouting program. The troop is amazing for a multitude of reasons, of which I would not have the time to list all of them. One of the best reasons though is that they are such an encouraging group of leaders and young men. When trying to achieve any rank they are all ready to pitch in and set up the best opportunities to succeed in your goal. Whether it be through carrying a vast amount of trained leaders, the promise that there will always be, at the least, a campout every single month no matter the conditions, or providing proper teachings so that those who were taught may begin to teach the other younger boys.
Through the vast array of campouts I have been on that our scout master, Mr. Witmer, has set up for us I have accumulated a large amount of stories and experiences that I would love to share and recollect. The story that I enjoy to tell the most is about a campout maybe two years back, 2009 that is, where we were ice hiking in Ricketts Glen State Park. Our friend Patrick decided that it would be a terrific idea to hike through these caverns and foot of snow with moccasins on in -12 degree weather. Obviously after a while of hiking he obtained frostbite to his left foot and needed help fast. Using all the knowledge that these brave leaders had taught us we acted fast without panicking and solved the problem. Being the boy scouts we were we had matches on us to be prepared for any situations to come. Well knowing that it was to cold to melt we dug through the snow until we found pine needles and ripped bark off a tree and made a small fire held off the cold ground by bark to heat his foot up. We also used the knowledge of the armpit emitting radiating heat so we warmed his foot up using this method as well. All in all we got Patrick out ok combining flawless effort with great learnings, and like a good scout always does we properly disposed of the fire waste materials to leave as we found it with minimal effects to mother nature.


Scout Hall, Weona Park, Pen Argyl, PA

Troop 33